Installing large HVAC duct systems can be seamless when all contractors are on the same page. In order to supply the spiral duct for a new IKEA store in Norfolk, Virginia, Turn Key Duct Systems arranged to have the duct shipped directly to the job site, and the installing contractor, Craiberly Enterprises, was ready to hang the duct upon arrival to minimize the risk of dents or dings on the exposed installation.

Because the ducts were loaded per unit, the installer was also able to save time in the field and didn’t have to spend time sorting materials. Turn Key’s self-seal duct system was utilized for all duct 20 inches and smaller, which saved time in the field by not having to seal the seams externally as well as making an extremely esthetically pleasing project. On larger duct, Turn Key’s sheet metal flanges were used.

The project included both single wall and double wall duct. Turn Key utilized manifold systems to save joints in the field, which minimizes risk of leakage. Taps, flanges or dampers that were required in an 8 inch max length, came to the job site all factory sealed and factory installed.

A division of The Hamlin Companies, Turn Key Duct Systems is headquartered in Benson, North Carolina, and is a nationwide provider of spiral round, flat oval, and rectangular duct as well as long seam welded and oval duct systems. In Virginia, Turn Key is represented by Air Conditioning Sales Equipment (ACES), and the company’s strong relationship with Craiberly was essential in helping the project run smoothly, says sales engineer Mike Nooney.

ACES was founded in 1971 with the mission of providing a single source for HVAC system solutions for owners, engineers and contractors. Under the leadership of Scott Pippin, the company continues to offer cost effective solutions to each individual customer, for each unique need, and are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of every client.

Nooney has been with the company for 19 years and has earned the respect of both his vendors and his clients like Craiberly by putting the customer first.

“With combined areas of expertise, faith and unwavering work ethic, we have methodically grown our business into one we are very proud of,” says Kimberly Warren, co-founder of Craiberly Enterprises. “We have a strong team of leadership and pride ourselves in being a teaching company. If you teach someone a trade they can support themselves, their family and build a better community.”

Turn Key follows SMACNA and ASHRAE standards, as well as working closely with engineers and contractors alike to offer the most energy efficient duct systems, with time saving opportunities for the installing contractor.

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This story originally appeared in the July 2019 issue of SNIPS magazine.