JMD Corp. has started a program to help HVAC companies meet demand for Aeroseal - and make money.

JMD Corp., new owners of Aeroseal LLC, is encouraging HVAC contractors to invest in the ductwork-sealing product.

It has started a program to help companies meet demand for Aeroseal - and make money. The program gives dealers everything they need to market Aeroseal as an energy-saving product.

“We are a totally new Aeroseal dedicated to the success of our partnering service providers,” said Neal Walsh, vice president of sales and marketing for Aeroseal. “For a limited investment in supplies and equipment, an HVAC service company or duct cleaning business receives everything needed to begin meeting the growing homeowner demand for effective energy conservation services.”

Aeroseal is a smoke-like “fog” of particles injected into ductwork, sealing it from the inside.

Company officials say an Aeroseal treatment takes between four and eight hours, and ductwork leaks do not need to be indentified in advance. Treated homes can substantially reduce their energy costs, JMD officials added.

And for HVAC contractors, Aeroseal can substantially increase their revenues, according to Steve Schmidt, president of Fredrick Air Inc. in Maryland.

“As an Aeroseal dealer, I’ve become the leader in home comfort solutions,” Schmidt said. “We are able to provide duct sealing for our own customers in addition to becoming the dealer of choice for all the other contractors and home energy auditors in our service area. I have found the initial investment is well worth the long term benefits of being the leader in the industry and having the ability to recommend solutions that others simply cannot offer.”

JMD purchased Aeroseal from Carrier Corp.