Global position systems maker Xora has entered into an agreement with AT&T Inc. to combine services and save money for commercial fleet owners.

With Xora’s GPS TimeTrack In-Vehicle and AT&T service, business customers can get software, hardware, mobility applications consulting and deployment information on one bill.

The system can be used by itself or with Xora’s GPS devices. It gives continuously updated info on location, speed and other issues. Managers can be notified if a vehicle is idling too long or going too fast.

“GPS TimeTrack In-Vehicle is easy to use, inexpensive and invaluable as a tool for lowering costs and improving the productivity of field operations,” said Ananth Rani, senior vice president of products and services at Xora. “Businesses that rely on mobile resources spend an inordinate amount of time tracking and managing their activities. GPS TimeTrack for the mobile phone and GPS TimeTrack In-Vehicle make managing field operations easier, so businesses can spend less time thinking about the location and activities of their people and trucks, and more time focusing on customers.”

AT&T officials said its customers would benefit greatly from the system.

“GPS TimeTrack In-Vehicle will help our business customers save money and be more productive - both of which are crucial in this tough economy,” said Igor Glubochansky, director of ndustry solutions for AT&T’s business solutions division. “Because installing the GPS modems and activating the Xora service is quick and easy, customers can begin realizing the time and cost savings almost immediately.  In addition to the obvious bottom-line savings to AT&T customers, organizations utilizing GPS TimeTrack In-Vehicle from AT&T can also benefit from improved vehicle monitoring, utilization and security.”