Uncomplicating The Heat Pump: Refrigeration & Air Flow Systems DVD


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Product Description

This video training program is designed to both eliminate the mystery behind the heat pump refrigeration system and bring technicians up to speed on charging procedures. At approximately 90 minutes running time, it’s appropriate for both new and experienced HVAC technicians who service residential and light commercial heat pumps. A Technician’s Resource Guide comes packed with the program, making the learning experience an interactive on. Jim shows cutaways to explain the fundamentals, then shows how to access refrigeration systems and use manufacturer’s charging charts to evaluate heat pump refrigeration systems. Troubleshooting procedures related to refrigeration and air flow systems are discussed. The resource guide also contains quiz questions that can be used in either a self-paced learning situation, or an instructor-led training session.

Program Content

-Heating, Cooling & Defrosting Refrigerant Flow
-Heat Pump System Components
-Adjusting TXV’s For Proper Superheat
-Subcooling In Heat Pumps
-Suction Line Accumulators and Refrigerant Compensators
-Evaluation & Troubleshooting
-Air Flow In Heat Pump Systems


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