Industry Isn't Just Plug and Play

[Editor's note: This letter is in response to Mike Murphy's column "Small Company, Big Company, ... Good Company?" April 17.]

What is sad is that we as an industry felt it necessary to open up big box stores to sell what we, contractors, should have been selling. Many of us are not happy with the course that the industry is taking because HVACR should not be DIY [do-it-yourself.] Murphy wrote about load calculations and lots of other stuff. The truth is that consumers believe that the industry is simple and that everything is plug and play. I see that one day it will be because we have allowed it [to occur] and many times actions that we take advance it.

Anyway, it's a good response [to the Idaho contractor] and let's hope that we decide to support each other by educating ourselves instead of letting someone else take over what was and should be our customer.

D. Brian Baker
Custom Vac Limited
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Fixing Loophole in Title 24

I caught Mike Murphy's opinion [in "California Contractors Find Ways to Avoid Title 24's Regulations," April 10] and I guess we aren't going to see too many readers with integrity moving to the great state of California too soon. It will also keep me off Wendy's burgers. My hope is folks in California will read it, and it will help push us to fix our loophole.

Glenn Friedman, P.E.
Taylor Engineering LLC
Alameda, Calif.

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Publication date: 05/22/2006