• The elimination of terrorism in the world.
  • The continued health and happiness of my family.
  • And for the hvacr industry, an increase in summer temperatures preceded by an increase in ad budgets in the spring.
— John Conrad, Publisher

  • That each of my family members remain healthy and happy.
  • To experience more fun in 2002.
  • A golf swing like Tiger Woods.
  • The coldest winter for 2001-2002 and the hottest summer on record for 2002.
  • A successful year for everyone in the hvacr industry.
  • A cure for anorexia and bulimia.
— Mark Skaer, Editor-in-Chief

  • For manufacturers to come up with as few new refrigerants as possible.
  • For U.S. politicians to let us keep our HFCs and not pay attention to small Scandinavian countries trying to ban the stuff.
  • More service agreements so contractors can schedule better and still make money while saving customers money in the long run.
  • A 10-year-old refrigeration rack that actually still has readable nameplates.
— Peter Powell, Refrigeration Editor

  • Quicker relief and reconstruction for New York City.
  • As much business for every contractor as the company can handle.
  • Happy customers that appreciate all you do for them.
  • A faster resolution to the energy bill that gives the nation a comprehensive national energy policy that balances efficiency and production.
  • Onward and upward for the hvacr industry in 2002.
— Greg Mazurkiewicz, News and Legislation Editor

  • A remarkable 2002, not one where I merely “survive.”
  • More success stories from my contractor friends.
  • The Pulitzer Prize for “Writing by Osmosis” (since there is little time to write the Great American Novel using normal methods).
  • A happy, healthy, and safe year for my wonderful wife and children.
  • A short-lived recession capped by consumers on a spending spree, hungry for energy-efficient appliances.
— John R. Hall, Business Management Editor

  • Health and happiness for my friends and family.
  • An end to terrorism around the world.
  • More contractors who take the time to explain the benefits of upgraded equipment to customers.
  • More customers who take the time to listen to their contractors about how to achieve better comfort and lower utility bills.
  • An industry that is willing to spend the time and money necessary to make sure all its members are properly educated in the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of its systems.
— Joanna Turpin, Contributing Editor

  • The DOE to hurry and decide already what the new SEER standard will be.
  • More appreciation by the general public for the work that hvacr contractors, installers, and service techs do.
  • For more people with the right attitude and talents to get into this industry.
  • For the men and women serving in the U.S. and allied military forces in Afghanistan to return safely home.
  • For all to live in peace and freedom.
— Cherie Preville, Assistant Editor

  • An industry with high educational standards and students who are willing to learn.
  • More commitment to developing a universal certification standard.
  • For more people to ignore the industry stereotypes and to see the hvacr industry as a viable career option.
  • A holiday season spending time with the truly important things: family, friends, and faith.
  • For everyone to remember that we are blessed just to be alive.
— James J. Siegel, Training & Education Editor

  • Health for my family and friends.
  • Persistence in the face of a funky economy.
  • Consumer enlightenment on the benefits of replacing (rather than repairing) old, inefficient systems.
  • A sense of humor, to make everything else bearable.
  • A piece of jewelry would be nice.
— Barbara Checket-Hanks, Service/Maintenance & Troubleshooting Editor

  • The confidence to keep striving for excellence, and the wisdom to know our limitations.
  • That we never take our loved ones for granted.
  • My eighth-grade science teacher once told us that any king in ancient history would gladly trade his castle for a home of today with its modern plumbing and hvac systems. May we give thanks for all that we have and appreciate all that we have accomplished.
— Christopher King, Managing Editor

Publication date: 12/24/2001