Readers Are Not Buying Climate Change Science

[Editor’s Note: The letters below are in reference to a photo of former Vice President Al Gore that ran with the Dec. 14 article “Eighth Greenbuild Conference Draws More Than 20,000.”]

Who'll Appear Next on the Cover?

I was very disappointed to open up your Dec. 14, 2009 issue and find Al Gore on the cover. Unless you have had your head in the sand for the past few months, you know that Gore has been exposed as a hypocrite and an environmentalist hack who takes scientific data and twists it in such a way as to advance his own personal and political agendas.

I anxiously await your next issue featuring a front page picture of Hugo Chavez addressing the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen.

Buster Inman
Member – Director of HVAC Services
Jeffcoat & Associates, LLC
Bessemer, Ala.

Climate Change and Carbon Credits? No.

I have been following your articles concerning the discredited idea of anthropogenic warming and the potential profits to be made by astute contractors who don’t particularly have a conscience or good business ethics, but your cover shot of the chief benefactor of the carbon credit scam on the Dec. 14 issue put me over the edge.

Gore has consistently refused to debate respected scientists who do not agree with his position of atmospheric carbon and climate change, and recently even cancelled his scheduled appearance at the global climate shakedown due to the release of information from the University of East Anglia illustrating the collusion of scientists supporting this hoax.

Your magazine and certain members of this industry seem to be on the side of those who take the position that money should be made even if it is from a fraudulent scheme. Bernie Maddoff would be proud.

Greg R. Snyder
Edwards Refrigeration
Loveland, Colo.

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Publication date:01/18/2010