Global Warming as Excuse for More Selling

[Editor’s note: This letter is in response to various recent global warming news coverage and letters to the editor.]

Where have all the refrigeration men gone? There was a time when an HVACR service technician could think for himself. Now we go along listening to the manufacturers tell us to sell, sell, make that sale. We are unable to do our service for the client. We can no longer repair their units. We were told that the sky was falling, i.e., acid rain, global warming, or any fear tactic they want us to convince our customer to replace their system. In reality, there is no such thing as global warming. There is no proof. The scientists are split on this. The longer we look into this matter, I think we can see what is the right move, and it won’t be the one we are on now.

Just because the industry leaders have seen this as a way to increase sales, they have bitten into a “pork sandwich” and gave our rights - my rights and my fellow HVACR repairmans’ rights - away.

Have you examined the costs that this is incurring? Think about the small family that is barely making it in this world. Now we have to tell our customers that they have to replace the system for $5,000 instead of having the repair done for $500. They are already struggling to absorb all the rising costs of utilities, food, gas, and taxes.

Are we being true to our beliefs? This is not right! The manufacturers rode in on a black horse - an easy horse - and damned be the rest of us.

Larry Forbes, President
Air Forbes One Inc., dba Temp-Rite Refrigeration
Scottsdale, Ariz.

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Publication date:05/11/2009