Monday, Jan. 29

Testing & Balancing Certifications the Real Deal
9 a.m., Room D163 - TABB

What’s New and Green in Building Automation AHR Expo 2007?
9 a.m., Room D167 - IEC

NATE Review Class and Certification Exams
9 a.m., Room D170 - NATE: 800-247-6547

Heat Recovery and Fuel Savings
10 a.m., Room D161 - ABMA

Leveraging LEED for Product Manufacturers
10 a.m., Room D174 - USGBC

Wireless Sensors & Control Networks: Enabling New Opportunities
11 a.m., Room D165 - ZigBee

Green Buildings, Operations & Design: What’s Driving the Market?
11 a.m., Room D174 - USGBC

Chiller/Cooling Tower Interactions and Optimization
1 p.m., Room D165 - CTI

Harmonization Meeting
1 p.m., Room D166 - ARI

Green Building - Automation for a Sustainable Future
1:30 p.m., Room D167 - IEC

Cooling Tower Fan Belt Drive Systems: Design, Operation, and Maintenance
1:40 p.m., Room D165 - CTI

Build Your Business Through Professional Credentialing and Building Performance
2 p.m., Room D174 - BPI

Cooling Tower Fan Gear Drive Systems: Design, Operation, and Maintenance
2:20 p.m., Room D165 - CTI

Mechanical Systems That Work
2:30 p.m., Room D163 - HRAI

Integrating Automated Systems into Good Sustainable Design for Energy Efficiency and End User Satisfaction
2:30 p.m., Room D161 - CABA

Strategies for Low Energy Efficient Buildings: What Does It Take?
3 p.m., Room C147 - ASHRAE

Tuesday, Jan. 30

ACG CxA Workshop & Exam
8 a.m., Room D170

BPI Written Certification Exams
8 a.m., Room D172 - BPI

LON Primer
8:30 a.m., Room D164 - LonMark

Requirements for Success in the Plan & Spec Arena: Three Different Perspectives
9 a.m., Room D168 - HARDI

An Energy Star Primer - Save Energy, Save Money, Protect the Environment
9 a.m., Room D161 - Energy Star

Ways to Find and Retain Qualified Technicians/Employees
9 a.m., Room D174 - ARI

Building Automation - Today’s Tools for Convergence
9:30 a.m., Room D167 - IEC

Sustainability Through Air Filtration
10 a.m., Room D163 - NAFA

Harmonization Meeting
10 a.m., Room D166 - ARI

The Value of Integrated, Open Systems
10:15 a.m., Room D164 - LonMark

Keeping an Eye on Safety
10:30 a.m., Room D165 - ABMA

Fan Selection from an Efficiency, Sound and Cost Perspective
10:30 a.m., Room D174 - AMCA

10 Pasos para Seleccionar Filtros para Aire
presented in Spanish
11 a.m., Room D163 - NAFA

GridWise - Smart Energy Technology for Buildings and the Power Grid
11 a.m., Room D161 - IEC

An Industry Commitment
1 p.m., Room D172 - ABMA

Energy Efficiency 101: How to Find Products Eligible for Rebates and IRS Tax Credits
1 p.m., Room D174 - GAMA

Impact of Commissioning on Sustainability & Persistence
1 p.m., Room D165 - NEBB

Enterprise Connectivity
1 p.m., Room D164 - LonMark

What Will the Convergences in Buildings of the Future Look Like?
1:30 p.m., Room D167 - IEC

Real World Radiant
2 p.m., Room D163 - RPA

System Specification Process
2:15 p.m., Room D164 - LonMark

The World of LonMark
3:30 p.m., Room D164 - LonMark

Wednesday, Jan. 31

Integrating Automated Systems into Good Sustainable Design for Energy Efficiency and End User Satisfaction
8:30 a.m., Room D167

Workshop: LEED for Product Manufacturers
8:30 a.m., Room D162

Publication date:01/15/2007