Incredible. Just got back from the ACCA National Conference; crowds were LARGER this year than last, very little moaning about “you know what.” (Working to strike it from vocabulary if not psyche.)

I can actually report optimism, eagerness toward marketing aggression, even some hyper-activity about customer retention efforts. Seems this group was intent on yanking business from napping or negligent competitors. Word of the week seemed to be “implementation” since most all agreed that seminars were outstanding for enthusiasm and idea infusion, but over-burdened contractors don't often implement as they'd prefer. A "service" opportunity clearly exists, either for off-site or on-site "implementers."

Actually had 4 people in our seminar report record years in 2008; one admitting a 28 percent increase, another reporting 24 percent, neither slowing down. All in all, a good if exhausting week. Much to do.