Last night was a tough one for Rick Santorum as he lost both the Arizona and Michigan primaries. However, in recent weeks he has been making some interesting points as his campaign began gaining momentum.

No, I am not here to talk about Santorum’s views on contraception. Instead, there is an issue he raised that will probably interest most HVACR contractors. He attacked President Obama and called him a snob because Santorum believes the president wants everyone to go to college. Sounds like something that might have been discussed in HVACR circles a time or two

You can watch his statements in the video clip below. In the news shows after this speech, Santorum spoke of the importance of trade schools. It does not matter who your candidate of choice is, I think we can all agree that it is refreshing to at least have this subject raised. I can’t remember a time when I heard a politician bring up this side of the issue. Now granted, he might have been pandering to the West Michigan voters, but I will take it.

What are your thoughts on this being discussed on a national stage? How can the HVACR industry capitalize on this?