Is the HVAC industry unwittingly caught up in a game of conservation for the sake of conservation? How can the industry prove that the efficiency measures taken in the producing, installing, and maintaining of equipment are legitimate conservation measures?

These two questions came up recently while I was working on a cover story about energy audits; together, these thoughts reminded me of the conundrum faced by duct cleaners. Since the initial struggles of convincing customers that their ducts needed to be professionally cleaned, consumers have become more open to the idea that duct cleaning is necessary and legitimate. However, I am willing to bet there are still many that think duct cleaning is, “hokum,” as Dr. Sheldon Cooper might put it.

With these thoughts in mind, it may be prudent for contractors to come up with a way to prove to their customers that the financial and environmental conservation techniques being employed are actually successful.

The duct cleaners mounted a video camera to a remote control vehicle and solidified the legitimacy of duct cleaning. What are the rest of you going to do?

And no, pulling out a customer’s electric bill and pointing to random numbers isn’t going to be enough. The industry needs a tangible way to prove to its customers that proper duct sizing, insulation, home energy audits, high-efficiency equipment, IAQ measures, etc. are more than just another way to get them to write a check.

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