In researching the R-410A project that will occupy a lot of space inThe NEWSand its supplements throughout 2009, I was struck by how deep the topic was reaching into our industry.

We writers usually focus on the refrigerant manufacturers in terms of what the refrigerant is, how it differs from R-22, and why the change is taking place. Then we deal with component manufacturers as to what is different inside a 410A unit compared with an R-22 piece of equipment. Then we check with OEMs regarding conversion of its production lines.

And we talk with wholesalers about moving the product through the pipeline and then contractors about their willingness to install the new technology.

By then, we are so info overloaded that we sometimes forgot to wonder as to how contractors convince their customers - the owner/end-user - to buy R-410A equipment.

But bore deep into a Google search under R-410A and you see a number of examples of contractors who are making the final connection. For example, West Autauga Heating & Refrigeration in Billingsley, Ala., has a section of its Website that not only promotes R-410A, but also candidly deals with myths related to the refrigerant. Addressed are safety, cost, and reliability.

Kudos to that contractor as well as others who do the same. And if you are a contractor whose Website doesn’t detail R-410A equipment, consider doing so.