Unless we have a repeat of the 2004 “hanging chads” fiasco, this week we find out who will be the 44th president of the United States. It will not be Joe the Plumber, but John McCain certainly put Ohio plumber Joe Wurzelbacher in the limelight.

Too bad McCain didn’t single out an HVACR contractor during the debates. Then again, what would he have called him - or her? Joe HVACR?

Chances are, the general public would not have known what HVACR is or what it stands for.

And, herein lies a big issue with this industry.

Though you supply comfort for owners of homes and buildings all across the United States, people overall just do not identify with heating, ventilation, air conditioning, or refrigeration. Plumbing, yes. HVACR, no. Since it is always hidden, it is forgotten.

As stated before here, we have to increase awareness of this industry with the general public. It’s good to know that the powers-that-be are seriously considering opening up the final day of the 2009 Air-Conditioning, Heating Refrigerating Exposition to the general public. Though no decision has been finalized, I still believe it is a good idea.

Maybe “HVACR” is not the way to go. Why not make it known that we are in the “comfort control” business? That you, as an HVACR contractor, are a “comfort specialist”?

Call it marketing, but it may have a better reception with the common folk. And isn’t it exposure what this industry lacks?

It would have been phenomenal had McCain singled out Joe Comfort Specialist, wouldn’t it have?