“Look at the Valvolines and Quaker States and auto dealers out there. Every 3,000 miles you need to get your oil changed. Why can’t we do that? If I did not have to work so hard to get into the house, imagine the things we could accomplish. Once my guys are in the house, they know what to do. I just need to get into the house. The growth and opportunity for our industry is just sitting there, unaware that they need to call us.”

John Lombardi
Vice President
Comfort Control Systems
De Pere, Wis.

I can’t say it any better, so I just let my Green Bay Packer buddy say it for me.

Sure, the manufacturers can say that there were big bucks being thrown around to nationally advertise oil changes quite a few years ago. And, your point?

Some of your own national consumer campaigns might be better focused on something that every contracting company can sink its teeth into. If every HVAC national consumer advertising campaign told readers, listeners, and viewers that they have to get an annual or semi-annual tune-up it would be quite interesting to see what might transpire over a few years.

If John Lombardi gets his guys in somebody’s house, something good is going to happen. Multiply that by tens of thousands of HVAC contractors.