I have to take time out to bring a little slice from the last International Service Leadership (ISL) Owner’s Conference, held in St. Louis Oct. 11-13. The topic was customer service, and ISL instructor Todd Lavery gave member attendees a test.

The quiz was given to find out if those in attendance had a proactive environment. Per ISL’s definition, a proactive environment in customer service is adopting a can-do attitude, and a willingness to go the extra mile for the customer.

Here is the seven-question exam. (Rate yourself on a scale of 1-5, where: 1 = never, 2 = rarely, 3 = sometimes, 4 = frequently, and 5 = all the time.)

1. Do I take ownership of a problem and see it through until it is resolved? 2. Am I willing to help both customers and co-workers, no matter what the situation? 3. Do I consciously assume a positive outlook with customers and co-workers? 4. Am I respectful and mindful of the customer’s needs? 5. Do I speak and carry myself confidently with customers? 6. Do I treat customers and other staff with respect and courtesy? 7. Do I put myself in the customer’s shoes by using empathy?

How did you do? If you scored 30 or better, you should congratulate yourself on your can-do attitude. If you scored 30 to 25, you are good but need improvement. If you scored below 25, you may want to consider if customer service is right for you. Don’t be shy. Let me know how you scored on the above test. Leave a post accordingly. Of course, if you have some more solid pointers regarding customer service, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Share with others. That is what this blog is all about. It’s about learning from others.