New Power Plants Slated for AR and AZ

  • Panda Energy International Inc. (Dallas, TX) and its partner TECO Power Services Corp. (Tampa, FL) have secured $2.2 billion in financing to build two power plants in Arkansas and Arizona. These plants are believed to be the largest independent power projects in the nation. Each natural-gas-fueled plant is expected to produce more than 2,200 megawatts of power and provide enough electricity for about 2 million people.

  • Energy Assistance

  • Both houses of Congress have passed a spending bill that includes $300 million in low-income energy assistance, double the amount requested by President Bush.

  • ADL to Research Fuel Cells

  • Arthur D. Little (ADL; Cambridge, MA) has been awarded $3.83 million by the Department of Energy (DOE) to develop and analyze advanced fuel cell technologies and fuel options. “This award allows us to build on more than a decade of work at ADL that has included developing and assessing fuel cell technologies as well as assessing their commercial prospects,” said Brian Barnett, managing director of the Applied Chemistry and Materials section.
  • Publication date: 07/30/2001