In the spring of 2003, Encon Inc., of Stratford, Conn., realized that in order to continue providing superior service for its commercial and residential HVAC customers, it would have to replace its separate service and job cost software systems. During the process of evaluating software solutions, the importance of having a single, integrated service management solution became exceedingly clear.

Bill Valus, Encon's general manager, led the team to find a better way to serve customers and improve Encon's business efficiencies through an integrated software solution.

To ensure that all the important criteria would be met, he arranged for key members of management to participate in in-depth software demonstrations, as well as on-site visits, to see the various software packages in action.


Encon concluded its search for a truly integrated, enterprise-wide software solution with Data-Basics' SAM Pro Enterprise software. The Data-Basics solution offered seamless integration, sophisticated reporting features, and the ability to capture more relevant information.

Added Valus, "Having the service management, job costing, and construction management pieces in one package was the key."

Encon also found the software's scalability an important factor; choosing SAM Pro Enterprise, in part, because it could be customized to meet the company's specific business requirements.


The company started using components of the system, including accounting, job costing, service, and dispatching in the first quarter of 2004. Still, the process of combining two separate systems wasn't without a few bumps. Much of the credit for aiding in Encon's transition to SAM Pro Enterprise goes to Data-Basics' dedicated staff of support professionals.

"We've been pleased with the support and are fortunate to have someone that intimately knows our system," said Valus.

Moving to a single, integrated system has significantly impacted Encon over the past 18 months, most notably in time savings and improved reporting. Valus specifically points to the ReportAnywhere component that delivers mission-critical reports to anyone within the company to alert personnel to issues before they become problems.

For Encon, ReportAnywhere has automated weekly and monthly reporting and has leveraged the breadth of data stored in its SAM Pro database to deliver more meaningful and detailed reports to management.

Today, Encon has a better handle on information across the board - from job costing to service to time keeping - and has leveraged SAM Pro Enterprise's integration and automation to better track this information and provide best-in-class service.

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Publication date: 02/27/2006