Tim Evans of Evans Mechanical Inc., Eureka, Calif., helped put together an informative ad for Maytag on page 37 of the April 18 issue.

Maytag used a quote from Evans, which the manufacturer could not help but incorporate into a printed ad. The quote used is the headline: "‘I don't sell washing machines, but if you need a furnace, come see me.' So she did."

"That's what Maytag Select HVAC Dealer Tim Evans, Evans Mechanical, Inc., told a woman who wandered in his dealership one day after seeing the Maytag store sign. She wanted to know if he sold washing machines. He politely said no, but offered her a furnace if she was looking for one. It just so happens she was and bought a Maytag."

Consultant York enjoyed the ad.

"While Maytag appliances over the years have been great and the ‘Maytag Man' never has to go on a service call, this might have been oversold," said York.

"The ad is rather good. It plays on the old Maytag reputation, which is good, and leads one to think that the air conditioner and furnace will be of the same quality. This is an acceptable hard sell. Frankly, the ad is not bad."

For more information, visit getmaytag.com.

Publication date: 12/12/2005