COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Incredible Universe lived up to its name. The biannual event, hosted by Liebert Corp., welcomed 2,500 customers from all around the country. In addition, approximately 500 Liebert employees and representatives convened on the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Liebert, an Emerson Network Company, used the event to launch 30 new or improved products designed to protect and support mission-critical computers and electronics. None was bigger than the new edition of the Liebert DS, which was introduced by Fred Stack, vice president of marketing.

The Liebert DS is the most significant redesign in the 40-year history of the Liebert Deluxe, which is the company's computer-room precision cooling system.

"During the past 40 years, the Liebert Deluxe has proven to be an essential data center system, helping thousands of organizations create environments in which increasingly powerful IT systems can operate reliably," said Robert Bauer, president of Liebert Corp. "With the Liebert DS, we've built on this heritage while introducing new features that give data center managers exactly what they need to succeed in today's environment - greater efficiency, more flexibility, easier serviceability, and unparalleled reliability."

Incredible Universe attendees check out the new Liebert DS.

Features And Benefits

Highlights of the new system include:

  • It is the first precision cooling system available with Copeland Digital Scroll compressors.

  • It launches Liebert's new iCOM control system, which coordinates operation among multiple Liebert DS units.

  • A new blower drive system features a laminated HVAC high-tensile-corded belt and automatic belt tensioning system designed to eliminate belt maintenance.

    "You never have to adjust the belts again," Stack said. "And there is a five-year warranty on everything including the belts so that issue is almost eliminated."

    The product has a smaller footprint and 100 percent front-panel access, which provides easy serviceability while conserving valuable floor space, according to the company.

    "This is built to optimize serviceability and performance," Stack said. "The trademark is how easy it is to get to the parts."

    Attendees of the event were able to get a firsthand look at the Liebert DS, along with many other products. The Incredible Universe had 100,000 square feet of exhibits in addition to 25 technical sessions.

    The event also included an expert panel on the "Data Center of the Future," which was hosted by InformationWeek columnist John Soat. The panel included Michael Flugelman, vice president critical facilities, Syska Hennessy Group, New York; Christian Belady, technologist with Hewlett Packard in Richardson, Texas; Robert Ogden, director of computer operations with Lowes of North Wilkesboro, N.C.; Peter Panfil, vice president of UPS Engineering with Emerson Network Power/Liebert; and Kevin Shinpaugh, director, research, and cluster computing of Computing Information Systems at Virginia Tech University.

    "Interacting with end users is equally valuable to Liebert and to attendees," Bauer said.

    "The show helps IT and facility managers improve the availability of their systems and at the same time keeps us in touch with their changing needs."

    Publication date: 11/08/2004