Manitowoc’s Mike Rimrodt draws attention to the company’s new S Series ice makers during a press briefing at the NAFEM Expo in New Orleans.
NEW ORLEANS - Manitowoc Ice has introduced a new line of ice machines called the S Series because of its focus on sanitation, savings, sound, and serviceability.

The announcement was made during a press briefing just a few hours before the opening of the North American Food Equipment Manufacturers Association (NAFEM) Expo. Company officials said that initially S units offering 850 and 1,000 pounds of daily production will be introduced, to be followed by units ranging from 280 to 1,800 pounds.

As each model is rolled out, it will replace comparable models in the company's Q line (which was introduced seven years ago at the same expo).

According to Manitowoc's Mike Rimrodt, "We are reinventing a successful product line because customer needs have changed. When the Q Series came out, the customer wanted more aesthetics. Now they are looking closely at operating costs, energy efficiencies, and labor costs."

He said the S Series "is simple to clean. The corners have been rounded and a water distribution tube is easy to remove. The number of surfaces that require cleaning have also been reduced."

In addition, it was noted that units include such cleaning technologies as AlphaSan® to reduce biofilm and Guardian® slime inhibitor. Officials said the new line meets NSF/ANSI Standard 12-2003 for sanitation.

Design changes to promote savings include "a patented air-assist ice removal process on select models that cuts the time required for ice harvest, and an appropriate compressor-to-evaporator ratio to help conserve energy." Rimrodt noted that the air assist includes a small air compressor mounted in the machine that pushes 5 psi of air through a nozzle. The nozzle splits into two directions, sending air through the evaporator plate and then through the back, breaking the vacuum and speeding up the final stages of the harvest cycle. Adding to the energy-saving aspect is insulation of the entire food zone.

The sound issue was addressed by mounting the compressor on its own platform and injecting foam into the interior.

Serviceability was addressed by improving access, according to the company. "Getting to the components has been simplified. The hinged front door allows quick access to the forward-facing evaporator. The water tray and distribution tube are removed easily without tools."

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Publication date: 01/12/2004