The MAC 10 Rxâ„¢ fan filter unit is specially designed for pharmaceutical processing environments. It has a profile of less than 16 inches (406mm). The unit features a room-side replaceable 1/3-hp ECM motor and gel seal HEPA filter. The brushless DC motor, with the field-adjustable digital control unit, automatically compensates for filter loading, maintaining constant airflow velocity, the company states. Its dimensions are 2 feet by 4 feet (595 mm by 1,190 mm). It is available in 120-V, 208-240-V, and 277-V models. The standard unit is constructed of an all-aluminum housing with perforated stainless steel face screen. According to the company, options include an ultra-low penetration air (ULPA) filter that is 99.9995-percent efficiency at 0.12 microns; a three-speed, 1/5-hp AC motor with low, medium, and high settings; and a remote, infrared hand-held control.

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