Quality Service Contractors, an enhanced service group of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors - National Association (PHCC), is moving more and more into electronic education and communications.

Not only has this proved to be an efficient means for members to learn and communicate, it has also allowed QSC to provide more benefits to the members at less cost to them, thus stretching their membership investment.

"Everyone is so busy these days that they want to minimize their time away from the office and their families," said QSC Chair Tom Maniuszko.

"Providing QSC benefits electronically helps our members continue to get a full value of membership, but in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. The idea that they don't even have to leave their office for some of our educational programs is very appealing to them."

Here are some samples of programs QSC has implemented:

  • Web-based training: On a monthly basis, QSC offers monthly Web-based seminars, or "Webinars." These are led by a facilitator who talks about a specific topic, such as customer service, marketing, and sales.

    To participate, QSC members register for the event, and then connect to the Internet and a conference call when the seminar begins. The Webinars typically last one hour. QSC records the sessions and sells them to members who cannot participate, or who want to show the Webinar to employees.

    Through a partnership with EPL for Residential (Electronic Performance Learning for Residential), QSC now offers other Web-based training options, such as business, marketing, and operational training.

    An "Ask the Expert" consulting system is also available. EPL for Residential is a 24/7/365 resource library designed to help contractors improve their profits.

  • Q-List: The Q-List, an e-mail group discussion list for QSC members, has become a very effective and easy way for QSC members to communicate between the two QSC Power Meetings per year. Topics have included employee issues, insurance, vehicles, and questions about finding a particular plumbing or HVACR item or part.

  • Electronic publications: QSC also is converting to publishing its manuals, etc., in electronic format. For instance, "QSC Fantastic Forms," which formerly was included in three three-inch binders, is now available on CD.

    QSC's two newest manuals also are available on CD - The "Marketing For Quality Service Contractors," which offers guidelines on how to set up a complete marketing plan and a marketing budget and track the results; and a new "Maintenance Agreement" program that defines the development, design, pricing, and sales process for technicians.

  • QSC Web site: The QSC Web site www.qsc-phcc.org has become a comprehensive source of QSC information that is available all the time.

    It includes a "Tip of the Day," Power Meeting information, and a "Members Only" section. Also, a "Member Profile" section has been added that allows members to search for members with similar company profiles, etc., for networking purposes.

    For more information on QSC's training programs and services, call 800-533-7694 or visit www.qsc-phcc.org.

    Publication date: 11/29/2004