DORAVILLE, Ga. — Purafil Inc., a manufacturer of gas-phase air filtration systems, is introducing an energy-savings program that reduces the need for outside air by 75 percent in commercial buildings and is said to offer significant savings on energy and operational costs.

The “Enersave” program is based on a recent interpretation of ASHRAE Standard 62-2001. It uses the standard’s IAQ Procedure, which “allows the use of any amount of outdoor air deemed necessary” if the designer can show that indoor air quality is acceptable to human occupants, according to the standard.

The Purafilter® is key to the program’s successful implementation of the IAQ Procedure. The manufacturer says its filter is designed to replace existing particulate filters. The Purafilter uses potassium permanganate, an active oxidant, and activated carbon to remove a broad range of contaminants. The manufacturer says that by using this filter, contaminants are eliminated from the airstream instead of being diluted with outside air.

The manufacturer also says it can provide documentation and ongoing verification reports required by ASHRAE 62’s IAQ Procedure.

The Enersave program can be applied to existing buildings, rework applications, and new construction. The IRS in Jacksonville, Fla., recently applied the program and saved a substantial amount of money and time during an occupancy change, the manufacturer said.

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Publication date: 06/30/2003