PORTLAND, OR — In a recent partnership, Enalasys Corporation will have the opportunity to offer AirAdvice, Inc. services to its product line. More specifically, the AirAdvice indoor air quality services (IAQ) will be added to Enalasys’ hvac diagnostic product line and monitoring services.

The services will be marketed under an earlier established alliance between Enalasys and Honeywell. Honeywell will be given the exclusive rights to market the Enalasys hvac diagnostic systems and monitoring services to homeowners through its national contractor network.

Also under the agreement, Enalasys will have exclusive marketing and distribution rights for AirAdvice systems sold through hvac channels. AirAdvice will customize its air monitoring technology to work with Enalasys equipment.

The Portland-based AirAdvice is known for its development of in-home air-quality-sensing technology, including a system that measures temperature, humidity, particulates, and carbon monoxide by using a small monitor placed in the home and connected to a standard phone line.

“The partnership with Enalasys will make IAQ monitoring widely available and affordable to homeowners who are concerned about their quality of life and the environment in which they live,” said John Skardon, AirAdvice ceo. “Since air quality can be directly impacted by hvac systems, the partnership makes good sense to us and the homeowner.”

Publication date: 09/17/2001