HOUSTON — In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Allison, many downtown Houston buildings needed to “dry out.” The city turned to liquid desiccant dehumidification technology. The facilities used a process developed by DryKor for emergency recovery.

This came in handy, since there was extensive damage to sheetrock in buildings such as the Houston City Hall. The challenge, after removing damaged office supplies and equipment (which were under six feet of water) was to dehumidify the space and save as many of the building materials as possible.

The DryKor process involves cooling the air, instead of adding heat to the processed air. “The additional heat added through typical desiccant systems places a significant burden on other equipment within the treated area,” said Tom Krueger, president and ceo of DryKor, Inc. “We are excited that Allied Emergency Recovery (AER) found our products so successful in their work in Houston.”

Citing that lower humidity can have a tremendous impact on production levels, Krueger added “Our experience with AER has shown us there is an opportunity for DryKor in the disaster recovery field as well.”

Publication date: 08/20/2001