BILLERICA, MA — WSI Corporation has issued the end-of-September update to its seasonal forecast for October, November, and December. WSI is expecting a cool period across the nation, especially along the Pacific Coast.

Cooler than normal temperatures are also expected in the eastern half of the country, including Florida. Warmer than normal temperatures are expected only for the Central and Southern Plains states.

For October, WSI expects cooler than normal temperatures in the eastern half of the U.S. and in California. The Plains and Rockies states are expected to have warmer temperatures than normal.

In November, very cool temperatures are expected for the Pacific Coast, the Northern Rockies, and the Southwest.

And for December, WSI is predicting cooler than normal temperatures again for the Pacific Coast states as well as the Southwest. Near normal and slightly below normal temperatures are expected in the eastern half of the country, and the Midwestern states should experience slightly above normal temperatures.

“The expectation of below-normal temperatures over much of the East differs from the September 13th outlook that calls for near-normal temperatures in those regions,” said WSI seasonal forecaster Dr. Todd Crawford. “We also expect below-normal temperatures in California, while CPC is expecting near-normal temperatures.”

WSI’s next forecast, which will cover the period of November – January, will be issued on October 16. For more information, visit (website).

Publication date: 10/08/2001