ATLANTA, GA — The HVAC Advanced Products Division of Mitsubishi Electric has been offering contractor training for some years now, but just this past August, the company opened its own state-of-the-art training center based at its headquarters in Lawrenceville, GA.

The Mitsubishi HVAC Atlanta Training Center (ATC) offers interactive instruction on its Mr. Slim and City Multi ductless systems.

According to Mike Smith, marketing manager of Mitsubishi’s hvac division, the new training center serves to strengthen and centralize its training efforts and to provide an in-depth technical overview on its ductless systems. Training at the new facility complements the nationwide courses, which are held by Mitsubishi’s distributors. The ATC allows the company to conduct a regular schedule of courses and to fine-tune the curriculum.

Another objective of the training center is to increase the contractor’s comfort level with ductless products while at the same time outlining the benefits of ductless as compared to window units and PTACs, which are identified by Mitsubishi as target markets.

Smith says an important part of the training curriculum introduces the company’s ductless line to contractors and identifies how Mr. Slim can benefit their bottom line.

“The contractors get to see how easy they are to install,” says Smith about the ductless systems. “They also get to see the business potential, which can be significant.”

Smith explains that once contractors have seen how easy the Mr. Slim units are to install and witness the units in operation, they will be more comfortable in recommending the units to homeowners.

The Curriculum

Mitsubishi brought in Byron Havard, Ph.D., to act as training manager for the ductless courses and to create a curriculum that would help accomplish the company’s goals.

So far, there are two separate courses offered at the ATC. The first is a hands-on introduction to the Mr. Slim M and P Series. Two days are allotted for the training, with the M Series discussed on one day, and the P Series discussed the following day.

Both models are available in 10 through 12 SEER, and are designed for wall, ceiling suspended, and ceiling recessed applications. Both are suited for both commercial and residential applications.

The other course offering is a three-day, hands-on training session for the new inverter-driven City Multi line. Smith explains that the similarities between the Mr. Slim and City Multi lines are in the way they are applied using a fairly consistent ductless-type installation.

He explains further that this is where the similarities end. “The City Multi line takes the multi-split ductless system approach to the extreme,” he said. “Up to 15 indoor units of various configurations can be driven from one outdoor unit. What’s more, this system provides the world’s only two-pipe, simultaneous heating and cooling operation. Our new training center allows for in-depth engineering training required to apply the City Multi systems.”

Training sessions for both the City Multi and the Mr. Slim M and P Series include product orientation, an overview on systems layout, electrical/refrigerant circuits, installation, troubleshooting, and service.

According to Havard, to participate in one of the courses, a contractor company pays $200 and can then send as many contractors and technicians as it wishes. At completion of the course, the company receives a rebate equivalent to $200 to purchase Mitsubishi ductless products.

Havard recommends that hands-on courses have no more than 16 students at a time. This allows for personalized attention, with two individuals to one of the eight portable trainers available. Each portable trainer enables the student to mimic the operation of both the indoor and outdoor unit of the ductless systems.

More To Come

According to Smith, Mitsu-bishi plans to expand its training by offering more in-depth courses on the Mr. Slim series.

As an example of this approach, the company recently sent out a large number of CD-ROMs to contractors. These CDs present the basic product information of the Mitsubishi ductless systems, along with a test that quizzes the user on the product and its applications. The test is also part of the company’s new Diamond Dealer program. When the test is completed and submitted, the contractor or technician has already fulfilled one module of the training required to become a Diamond Dealer.

Smith says contractors who complete the required training will be listed on the Mitsubishi website as a Diamond Dealer. Consumers can then log on, enter a zip code, and locate a Diamond Dealer in their area. The areas that must be completed will include the introduction or applications portion found on the CD, installation, service, and sales.

The next Mr. Slim M & P series courses will be on December 4-5, January 22-23, and February 12-13. Courses on the City Multi System will be held next on January 15-17 and February 18-22.

For more information on Mitsubishi Electric’s hvac systems, call 678-376-2900. For more information on the company’s training programs, call 678-376-2948 or visit (website).

Publication date: 11/26/2001