MADISON, WI — According to a survey recently conducted by the Aprilaire Center for Indoor Air Comfort, many homeowners have common cooling and heating complaints. More specifically, many have problems in the same places.

Survey respondents named the bathroom as the most likely room in the home to be too hot or too cold. The family room, second floor, and basement rec room followed as the areas of the home that tend to be too warm or too cold. The bedroom and the kitchen also received votes.

“Most homes have hot spots or cold spots where the heating and cooling system just doesn’t seem to get it right,” said Sean McCarthy, director of the Aprilaire Center for Indoor Air Comfort. “A common complaint is that the upstairs is too warm. And many homes seem to have a room that’s often too warm or too cold.”

Aprilaire explains that most homeowners rely on one centrally located thermostat to control the temperature of the entire house; this can result in uneven heating and cooling.

Publication date: 07/02/2001