DALLAS, TX — Liebert Corp., with more than 1 million installations throughout the world, has traditionally specialized in temperature-sensitive applications. Since the mid-1960s, the company has tapped markets like computer rooms, communications facilities, phone switching stations, and medical-laboratory facilities.

These applications entail a range of products, including condensing units, chillers, humidification systems, and rooftop units.

The company introduced several new systems, including its “Challenger” line of 3- to 5-ton units, each taking 7.3 sq ft of floor space; an 8-ton ceiling-mounted air conditioning system; and a process fluid chiller from 1.5 to 10 tons, and available in three types: water, ethylene glycol, or propylene glycol.

Also introduced was its line of stand-alone humidifiers from 10 to 200 lb/hr of humidification. The SGH Series automatically adjusts to incoming water conditions.

The company hits a different market with its “Mini-Mate2” line units, which are installed above a dropped ceiling.

On the controls side, the company’s “Little Glass House” is designed for local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) to protect components like PCs, servers, modems, routers, and bridges.