A change to the Food Code a few years ago upped the ante for manufacturers of refrigerated display cases by requiring lower temperatures in such cases.

The ruling that the cases must hold a temperature of 41°F versus the long-time 43° may not seem like much of a challenge, but it represents about a 5% lower temperature. Think of it this way: Somebody who weighs 160 lb and wants to drop 5% of that weight would have to lose about 8 lb. Not so easy, huh?

Manufacturers in the supermarket sector have had to respond to that change while maintaining energy efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use.

One of the newest entries in this temperature control battlefield is a compact, electronic temperature display and multifunction control from Danfoss.

The company said the EKC 201 has the needed control capabilities for the new temperature requirements, but also has highly visible temperature and alarm monitoring. Up to three temperature sensors, in addition to relay outputs, provide temperature control, defrost control, fan control, and interface to an external audible or visible alarm.

“While conventional fixture monitoring and control systems have low-visibility dial or LCD thermometers and require electromechanical thermostats and time clocks that need individual adjustment, an ECK 201 replaces the thermostats for refrigeration, defrost, and alarms with a single unit that has bright multifunction display,” said Danfoss’ Bernie Dunn.

The unit measures 1 by 21¼2 by 23¼4 in. Navigation through all functions, which is password protected, is done with the use of two buttons to the right of the display.

Dunn said the unit could be used for stand-alone control and monitoring, or networked to a host controller by LonWorks communications.

For more information, contact Danfoss Automatic Controls, 7941 Corporate Drive, Baltimore, MD 21236; 410-931-8250.