ST. LOUIS, MO - Emerson Electric Co. has formed the Commercial Industrial Motor Group, a new division that combines the strengths and resources of the Emerson Specialty and Air Moving divisions, as well as U.S. Electrical Motors, formerly a separately operated division inside the Emerson Motor Company.

Under the new organization, customers will now have single-source access to three well-known motor brands: U.S. Electric Motors, Emerson Motors, and Doerr.

The aim of this group will be to encourage increased internal efficiencies, including research and development improvements, simplification of the purchasing and billing functions, and improved speed to market. R.J. Dick, the new group vice president, said, “Our bottom-line goal is to grow our business by better serving our customers. Emerson is committed to providing products, services, and solutions in a way that will help our business partners grow.”

For more information, please visit Emerson’s Commercial Industrial Motor Group at or (website).

Publication date: 12/11/2000