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Daikin ATMOSPHERA, a single zone, ductless system featuring R-32 refrigerant from Daikin Comfort Technologies North America, Inc. is now available in North Carolina. Daikin ATMOSPHERA gives North Carolina a powerful, new single zone system that uses a lower GWP refrigerant and is more efficient than comparable R-410 models. Using systems with improved efficiency may help lower end-user electric bills.

Launched in December 2021, Daikin ATMOSPHERA is also available in Washington, Oregon, and Florida. This single zone system is ideal for spot cooling and heating needs in residential and commercial spaces that require heating and cooling even in extreme ambient temperatures.

“The Daikin ATMOSPHERA heat pump systems have been very well received into the marketplace,” said Connie Schroder, Sr. Product Manager – Single and Multi-Zone Systems for Daikin. “Contractors in Washington, Oregon and Florida see the advantages of working with R-32 as a single-component refrigerant and the performance improvements it provided. For the colder environments in Washington and Oregon, the increased heating capacity at lower temperatures and higher HSPF gives them added confidence that the heat pump system will continue to perform as temperatures drop. For environments with humidity concerns, new Hybrid Cooling technology dehumidifies efficiently even in low cooling loads, and CLEAN operation can help dry the interior of the indoor unit to reduce the amount of condensation present.”

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