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Technology. Something we all can’t live without. Something that makes our daily lives easier and more streamlined, both in our personal and professional lives. When it comes to managing your trade business, technology is crucial. Having an all-encompassing, fully integrated software platform really matters. Technology should make your job easier, not be time-consuming or difficult.

There are certain technology integrations for your business management platform that can assist your business with building a better customer experience and collecting data. Online booking and soft phone systems are two key integrations that will help with an enriched customer experience and more streamlined operations. These two integrations give you access to valuable data your business may not have been tracking.


The Importance of Data Collected Through Technology Integrations

Technology integrations help build a better customer experience, streamline your day-to-day operations, and help you collect important data your business can use in its marketing, sales, and training efforts.

Both online booking and soft phone systems are great data sources and will help your business collect key information and metrics regarding your customers and employees.

For online booking, you will be able to see what customers are utilizing this feature and who isn’t, which can help you in your marketing efforts. You can create campaigns for people who aren’t using the feature to entice them to start booking online by offering a percentage or dollar amount off for their first online booking.

Soft phone systems are where you will get tons of data on both customers and your employees. For customers, you will get general information about them, their current equipment type, service needed, and much more. All this data will be stored in your system and can be pulled via marketing reports. If you decide you want to market to customers who have HVAC systems more than 10 years old, you can do that! Or, if you want to run a promotion in a particular service area, that can be done as well.

Soft phone systems will also give you a look into how your call takers are performing. You will be able to see job conversion rates, average hold time for customers, average call length, and more. Your business can use this information to train your employees on things they can improve based on the metrics.

Your business should consider partaking in improving your customer experience and collecting data through technology integrations. Your customers will be pleased with how easy your company is to do business with, and you will be able to collect valuable data on your customers and employees that you can use in your marketing, sales, and training efforts.

Now let’s dive into how these two technology integrations are crucial for building a better customer experience.


Convenience of Online Appointment Booking

These days, customers prefer the convenience of online booking versus picking up a phone and calling a business to schedule an appointment. They can do it when they are ready and at their own pace. If a customer needs to double-check their availability for a particular date and time, they can do so without hanging up and calling a business back. Instead, picking right up where they left off.

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Online booking is not only more convenient for your customers but your business as a whole. A majority of your call volume will be off-loaded to online booking, which will free up your Customer Service Reps (CSR’s) time so they can focus on other tasks that need to get done throughout the day.

Most online appointment booking systems will generate an automatic email to the customer confirming their appointment time. This is helpful for both your customers and employees – customers will not forget their appointment, and your employees will not have to send a reminder/confirmation email manually.

By having the ability to book online, your business can track and record who is utilizing online booking and who prefers to call into your office. This may help you better target your marketing efforts and campaigns.


A Surplus of Data with Soft Phone Systems

Another great integration for your current business management platform is a soft phone system. These online phone systems tie directly into your current business management platform and can talk with your CRM, or customer records, in your system.

Soft phone integrations are a great data source for you and your business. You can track and log anytime a customer contacts your business. This information is incredibly important to keep for both current customers and potential customers. Let’s start with current customers.

If a current customer calls into your business, soft phone systems can automatically pull up the customer record based on the phone number the customer called in using. This will be incredibly helpful to your CSRs because they will have the customer’s information and history right at their fingertips.

For potential customers, logging any interaction that comes into your business is imperative, whether or not a job is booked. When the customer calls in, you can create a new customer record associated with their phone number.

Even if they don’t book a job, you will have a record of their information to use in future marketing efforts. Information that once may not have been tracked will now be saved and can be used to your advantage.

Soft phone systems are also great for tracking the lead source a customer heard about you from. If your business has different phone numbers associated with different marketing campaigns, you can tie each phone number to the marketing source in your platform. When a customer calls in, your system will recognize the phone number they dialed and automatically attribute that to the lead source they heard about you through.

As your business starts collecting this information, you can pull reports to see where most of your customer interactions are coming from. This will help you determine what marketing campaigns are giving your business the best return on investment.

Successware, a complete business management system for the trade industries, offers both online booking and a soft phone system. If you are interested in learning more about our platform and how we can help you manage and grow your business, call 888-272-8009 today or go to to request a live demo.