LG is known for creating high-quality, innovative products, and they’ve done it again with new additions to their LGRED° line. These new units are designed to handle extreme temperatures and can be installed ductless or as an addition to a ducted system. Systems with LGRED° technology can be utilized to heat or cool an individual zone or an entire home, in climates where other electric systems may fail.

Standing for “Reliable to Extreme Degrees'' (RED), this powerful technology allows for operation in extreme conditions, offering 100% heating capacity performance down to 5°F and continuous heating operations down to -13°F outside.

On the other end of the spectrum, when the weather heats up, these new systems with LGRED° technology can effectively operate up to temperatures of 118°F. Sensors in the indoor unit can accurately ramp the unit up or down for a more accurate setpoint and fan speed to maintain the homeowner’s desired comfort level.

And since HVAC systems with LGRED° are ENERGY STAR® certified, they provide an option in areas where fossil fuels were previously the only choice.

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