Many restaurants in New York City use “once through” water-cooled refrigeration systems. But for one premier steakhouse in Manhattan, the costs of running and maintaining its system had become unsustainable. Finding a replacement architecture that could satisfy all of the restaurant’s refrigeration needs initially seemed out of reach — until an HVACR contractor recommended the Copeland™ digital outdoor refrigeration unit, X-Line Series.

Engineered specifically for small-format settings, the digital X-Line Series was designed with three factors in mind: energy efficiency, reliability and installation flexibility. The restaurant was able to replace 28 condensers with 1 digital and 3 fixed speed X-Line units, reducing both its capital costs and its refrigerant charge to less than 50lbs. Water and electricity usage have been reduced. And with built-in intelligent monitoring and diagnostics protection, the restaurant can expect superior reliability and temperature control. In short, the restaurant was able to meet all of its refrigeration goals without having to compromise.

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