Daikin Applied has added natural gas heating as an option to its popular Skyline™ commercial outdoor air handler line. The gas heat option  provides lower operating cost and increased energy saving solutions for building owners and facility managers, while maximizing HVAC system performance.

Compared to traditional sources of heating, such as central plant boilers with hot water, steam coils or electric resistance heating installed inside air handlers, the Skyline natural gas unit is an economically appealing source of heat. The unit is ideal for new construction and retrofits of buildings without a central boiler plant, or where water piping would be cost prohibitive. Unit installation requires only a single-point gas line connection and a controller, making the air handler virtually a “plug and play” unit, which provides fast and easy installation.

Airtight and weather tight, Skyline outdoor air handlers can withstand harsh weather conditions. Daikin Applied’s patented, gasketed frame channel, double-wall, injected-foam panels and crossbroken top panels help keep conditioned air inside the cabinet and the elements outside.


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