COLUMBUS, Ohio — Joel Castro of Munch Supply Co., and Gina Lipscomb of Refrigeration Sales, both achieved HARDI Certified status in the Counter Specialist Certification Program. HARDI extended its congratulations on the association's website.

According to HARDI, Castro and Lipscomb completed four levels of certification — assistant, associate, senior, and HARDI certified — in order to receive their status.

"Each level has a tenure requirement, which is followed by a required set of competencies/core skills that every counter associate must demonstrate," said HARDI. "From that point each counter associate completes specific training requirements in order to prove they are knowledgeable in areas that will help reduce risk and bring profit to their company, such as customer service and sales, safety and warehousing, and wholesaling business knowledge."

The final step in this education process requires the completion of customized course hours so as to meet the professional development needs of the individual branch employee.

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