WASHINGTON, Mo. — Sporlan unveiled Chill Skills Sporlan Online Training, a training website specially designed by Sporlan Sales Engineers for training customers. The online modules are self-paced to help users understand Sporlan products as well as the HVACR industry.Sporlan offers online training

“Sporlan has always taken pride in its training program and Chill Skills is an evolution that has taken shape to reach a broader audience,” said the company. “The course initially available has comprehensive information on thermostatic expansion valves, refrigerant distributors, and the level master control.”

Other modules available on the site include: What Is a Thermostatic Expansion Valve?; How to use a PT Chart; How to Identify a Thermostatic Expansion Valve; How to Assemble a Q/BQ Valve; and What Is a Solenoid Valve?

“Wholesalers and technicians are challenged to stay up-to-date with the skills necessary to accurately diagnose and troubleshoot today’s air conditioning and refrigeration equipment,” said Tim Schamel, Sporlan Division marketing manager. “The Chill Skills online portal provides an on-demand method to gain the information and education that is needed. The work can be done at a time that is convenient for students and professionals and at their own pace.”

Users can enroll in Chill Skills by visiting www.sporlantraining.com or www.sporlanonline.com. Once there, click on the Chill Skills link, create a profile, and then click on the link in a corresponding email that will be sent in order to verify the account. Once verified, users can choose a course and use the first word of the course title as the enrollment key.