The presidential election is moving fast upon us, but unlike our candidates who must wait until November to find out their fate, I am well aware that my tenure as HARDI president will end on Oct. 9 in Orlando, Florida at the 2012 HARDI Annual Conference. This means that I am technically in my "lame duck" period as HARDI's president and while I don't plan on unilaterally doing anything (nor will HARDI's by-laws allow) which will drastically change the nature of HVACR distribution for our next president, Brian Cobble of G.W. Berkheimer, I will exert some executive privilege in this my last column for Distribution Center.

I would first like to thank my wife Shirley and my family, who have understood and supported me during the past year that I have served as HARDI president. Industry events have taken me all over the country, sometimes in back-to-back weeks and had Shirley not been as supportive as she has been, I would not have been able to fully enjoy this experience as much as I have. I only hope she is able to adjust to my continued presence at home.

It goes without saying that I owe a debt of gratitude toward all of the staff of Mingledorff's Inc. From our corporate headquarters in Norcross, Ga., to our branches in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina, it is because of your hard work and continued success that I have been free to travel extensively on the behalf of HARDI.  

I would like to thank all HARDI members for allowing me to serve as a HARDI officer. This has been an eye opening year for me and I have learned so much from talking with our members from all corners of North America. One of the best things that I have done professionally is become involved in HARDI and I urge all members to become active in our association.

Thank you again for allowing me to serve as HARDI president and I look forward to seeing you in Orlando.