LOS ANGELES — Amici Enterprises and American Energy Performance Solutions (AEPS) announced they have entered into a non-exclusive sales representation agreement wherein AEPS will acquire AmiciMPTS (Maximum Power Transfer Solutions) products on behalf of customers in North and South America.

AEPS offers energy savings upgrades for commercial HVAC systems that the company says help large commercial or retail properties achieve up to 40 percent energy savings.

AmiciMPTS is a proprietary technology, patented in 28 countries, that is said to enable large electricity users to reduce their consumption of amps (and thereby costs) by 20 to 40 percent, without replacing installed, inefficient electrical and mechanical equipment.

AEPS has purchased several AmiciMPTS 225 amp units for installation at properties in California and Mexico. AEPS has also added AmiciMPTS to its energy efficiency solution offerings, which it believes, in combination with its other products, will provide customers with new opportunities to reduce energy consumption, maximize cost savings, and further minimize carbon emissions.

“When we saw a demonstration of AmiciMPTS at a technology workshop at the College of the Canyons in early March, we were amazed by its ability to instantly reduce the consumption of amps,” said Paul Konapelsky, managing partner, American Energy Performance Solutions. “We quickly researched the AmiciMPTS technology, found it to be the most scientifically advanced in our industry, and acted immediately to enter into a sales representation agreement with Amici Enterprises. Our first couple of sales of AmiciMPTS happened almost immediately and we have great expectations for a significant quantity of future sales.”

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with AEPS and look forward to working closely with them in their representation of AmiciMPTS in the Americas,” said Joshua Macciello, managing member of Amici Enterprises.

For more information about Amici Enterprises, visit http://amicimpts.com.

For more information about American Energy Performance Solutions, visit http://aepsus.com.

Publication date: 4/20/2016