Scalewatcher computerized electronic water conditioner.
Scalewatcher computerized electronic water conditioner.

Docupak LLC, a marketing company headquartered in Alabaster, Alabama, has removed all scale from its cooling tower and reduced chemical usage by a third after installing the patented Scalewatcher computerized, electronic water conditioner from Scalewatcher North America. In addition there are no longer signs of algae growth on the cooling tower louvers.

Founded in 1998, Docupak, the operating name of Document and Packaging Brokers Inc., develops and distributes marketing materials for businesses nationwide. In addition to its headquarters, the company also operates a facility in Alexandria, Virginia, and has sales offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Los Angeles, Tampa, Florida, and Washington, District of Columbia.

Aware that health agencies continually draw attention to the risks of limescale and algae in cooling towers and wanting to reduce the use of chemicals in the cooling tower, Anthony Kinstley, plant manager, decided to install the Scalewatcher electronic water conditioner through local dealer, Al Chatham of Water Processing and Well Supply in Harpersville, Alabama. An industrial Scalewatcher was installed onto the water-feed line to the building and then a further unit was specifically fitted onto the recirculation line of the cooling tower.

“Since using the system the scaling on our cooling tower has been eliminated and we currently use only a third of the original chemicals intended for the water treatment within our system,” said Kinstley.

Many commercial air conditioning and refrigeration plant systems are water-cooled. The heat generated by cooling coils is removed by water, which is passed through a cooling tower. These are recirculating systems, which operate at temperatures ideal for bacterial and algae growth, and have plentiful supplies of nutrients. In cooling towers, temperature, water hardness, pH, scale, and corrosion are all factors, which increase the chance of biofilms, algae, and Legionella colonization.

The environmentally friendly Scalewatcher provides a solution to hard water problems without the need of chemicals, salt, or maintenance. It works by producing a varying electronically applied force field, induced by a coil wrapped around the outside of the pipework, which keeps the minerals in suspension and thus prevents limescale forming. The water’s increased solubility enables it to dissolve existing scale, which is gradually washed away.

“Scalewatcher has proven itself to be highly effective. I would highly recommend this product and service without limitation,” said Kinstley.

Scalewatcher systems are capable of treating pipe sizes from one to 120 inches. For more information, visit

Publication date: 4/20/2015

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