morning staff meetingIt is the calm before the storm. Well, at least for us editors type. I am sure everyone else is busying putting the finishing touches on their booths for the big show that opens tomorrow. While our marketing folks are handling that for us,The NEWShad a meeting this morning to put the finishing touches on our coverageplan. Look for at least one NEWSeditor at every cocktail party, reception, and booth over the next three days. When one of our friendly editors stops by your booth, please provide them with info on new products so we can cover you in our post-show issue. The goal is to have a write-up on every new product introduced at AHR.

setting up the boothAs for myself, after enjoying the Dallas nightlife on Saturday night (West End Pub is a fine place to kick back) I decided to get a quick workout in before the events tonight. Unfortunately the hotel gym had the treadmills right in front of the full-length mirrors so it looked like I was watching “The Biggest Loser” during my entire three-mile run. Of course, I chased that with a sandwich from Capriotti’s which was insanely good.

See everyone out on the town tonight. Please come up and say hello if you see me. You just might end up in this blog.