GOLD: ItsAboutQ

ItsAboutQ is an online technical education program designed and operated by for the Southern California Edison (SCE) HVAC Workforce Education and Training program. Its primary function is to educate and prepare technicians for North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification exams and thereby create a NATE certified HVAC energy efficient workforce in the SCE service area. The company’s online program is also being used by HVAC manufacturers, HVAC wholesale distribution companies, community college programs, workforce training centers, state apprenticeship programs, industry associations, utilities, national grant programs, government agencies, contractors, individual technicians, and registered state apprenticeship programs in Idaho, Virginia, and Arkansas. The ItsAboutQ program is totally web based and requires no installation. To access the program, contractors must have Windows 98 or newer, or a Mac with a reasonably current browser, and access to the Internet.

SILVER: Emerson e-Saverâ„¢ mobile application

Emerson e-Saver™ is a mobile application available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android platforms. It provides annual cost savings comparisons for residential HVAC system replacement options. After inputting information like current system information, geographic location, and data on the contractor’s recommended system, the e-Saver app provides up to three replacement options with cost savings based on annual heating and cooling run hours. The e-Saver app allows for these system options to be compared to current industry minimum standards, as well as a high efficiency heat pump featuring the Copeland Scroll variable speed compressor. The results automatically populate a report, which can be customized with the contractor’s contact information and emailed to the homeowner for their review.

Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.

BRONZE: ECM Service Guide iPhone app

Genteq has developed a free iPhone app of its ECM Service Guide, the handy pocket resource that contractors rely on to diagnose, service, and optimize Genteq ECM systems in the field. Traditionally a spiral-bound booklet that contractors carry in their tool boxes or coat pockets, the ECM Service Guide can now be accessed on an iPhone.

Regal Beloit