GOLD: American Standard Platinum XV Air Handler

The Platinum XV Air Handler delivers on consumer demand for reliability, comfort, safety and efficiency. Air from an American Standard Platinum XV Air Handler is circulated through an exclusive double-walled cabinet design that keeps unwanted insulation particles out of the conditioned air in the home while also eliminating thermal losses that result in condensation. It is constructed more like a refrigerator than a typical air handler, with insulation between double-walls of the innovative Air-Tite™ II cabinet. This insulation prevents condensation that may cause damage to the air handler itself or a consumer’s home. In addition to eliminating sweating, the cabinet also eliminates the loose fibers from fiberglass insulation that may otherwise enter the airstream. The Platinum XV also provides improvements in ease of installation with its modular design and smaller size. Application is flexible with four-way configuration with no conversion, and the entire product disassembles into just four pieces in as little as two minutes.

American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

SILVER: Halcyon HFI 8-Zone System

Fujitsu’s Halcyon HFI heat pump AOU48RLXFZ is an outdoor condensing unit that allows contractors to install from 2 to 8 indoor units and provides heating or cooling. Indoor units come in a variety of sizes and styles. Choose from 7,000 Btu to 24,000 Btu indoors to achieve the appropriate amount of comfort for your space. Indoor models are available in Wall Mounted, which mount high on the wall, Slim Duct, which is concealed in the ceiling and has the look of central air, or Compact Cassette, which fits perfectly into a drop ceiling configuration with just the outer grille showing.

Fujitsu General America Inc.

BRONZE: Dave Lennox Signature Collection, SLP98V

The SLP98V is the most efficient and quietest residential gas furnace available in the market today providing benefits for both the dealer and the consumer. Using Precise comfort technology and Airflex technology together provide low energy bills and a superior level of comfort for the consumer. With all the consumer advantages the SLP98V with iComfort provides dealer friendly features providing higher quality and lower cost installations.

Lennox Industries