John Sedine speaks at the 2010 ACCA Political Action Committee event. As chairman, Sedine has helped to push forward ACCA’s new Quality Assurance program.

John Sedine, president of Engineered Heating and Cooling (Walker, Mich.) and chairman of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), exemplifies how to persist and persevere. Unwilling to take no for an answer, he got his first job in the industry by calling the company owner on a Sunday night and telling him he planned to report the next morning.

He has continued to persist throughout his career, and in his current role as ACCA chairman, it’s paying off. According to the 2010 NEWSmaker, “A lot of neat things are coming to fruition this year.”

One of the most exciting efforts Sedine has presided over is the development of the Quality Assured (QA) Contractor Recognition program, which he described as ACCA’s first step toward contractor accreditation.

“Back around 2002, we knew that professional businesses needed a way to distinguish themselves, so the board of directors enacted the ACCA Quality Initiative,” Sedine said. He noted that this initiative includes the Quality Installation, Quality Maintenance, and Quality Restoration standards. Sedine has helped develop the QA program over the last eight years and is proud of how ACCA has continued to move it forward.

According to Sedine, the QA program will differentiate those contractors who do the right thing and follow ANSI-recognized ACCA standards in their work. He noted that the QA program includes third-party validation using specially trained RESNET raters, adding, “We avoid the impression that we do the work, self-attest our work, and merely claim we achieved wonderful results. The independent raters work for the homebuilder; this third-party validation promotes quality contractors.”

In addition, Sedine has also promoted expanding ACCA’s list of industry partners: “I’m proud of the fact that we’ve opened a relationship with the hydronic side of the market,” he said. While many ACCA members have long been involved in work such as in-floor heating, solar heating, etc., this sector has not received much attention from ACCA. Sedine said, “The first step in moving in that direction is that RPA [the Radiant Professional Alliance - formerly the Radiant Panel Association] is going to colocate their conference with ours.” About the upcoming February 2011 event in San Antonio, he said, “RPA and IAQA [Indoor Air Quality Association] will join the Indoor Air Expo to create one of the largest, most comprehensive trade shows in the industry - we’ll all be in the same place at the same time. Another great aspect is that anyone who registers for one of these conferences can attend the workshops offered by the other trade associations.”

He also added that ACCA will soon have its new residential zoning manual ready for public review, probably in early 2011. “We have a very large and diverse committee of industry experts writing this manual, and we are confident that this proposed ANSI-recognized standard will be broadly adopted and referenced.”

Sedine continued, “Zoning has been misunderstood by some as a silver bullet or simple cure-all because the industry currently lacks objective zoning guidance. Manual Zr will be a welcome resource to HVAC professionals across America who want serve their customers’ needs.”

Sedine is proud of ACCA’s efforts to provide new technical manuals, as well as the association’s continuing push to offer an environment where its members can demonstrate their professionalism through the new Quality Assured program.

John Sedine

Sidebar: 2010 NEWSmakers

Name:John Sedine


Company:Engineered Heating and Cooling

Location:Walker, Mich.

Notable Quote:“The Quality Assurance program is the first step in ACCA’s journey toward contractor accreditation.”

Publication date: 12/20/2010