FARMINGTON, Conn. - Carrier Corp. has announced the launch of the AdvanTE3C Solutions Center, a new global group of experts in efficiency and environment focused on developing sustainable building solutions.

According to the company, the AdvanTE3C Solutions Center will support its customers around the world in developing strategic, energy efficient, and custom-engineered building solutions. Carrier said its experts will apply technology to capture even greater energy efficiency and environmental benefits, to help drive innovation in commercial product designs, with a focus on new solutions.

“Willis Carrier invented modern air conditioning when he custom-engineered a unique solution to control temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality for a Brooklyn printing plant,” said Geraud Darnis, president, Carrier Corp. “The AdvanTE3C Solutions Center will build on that long legacy of customer-driven innovation and Carrier’s expertise to design energy efficient and sustainable buildings for the future.”

The AdvanTE3C Solutions Center will facilitate Carrier’s commercial businesses in collaborating within and across regions on customer solutions. According to Michel Grabon, director of the center, “The objective is to support Carrier’s commercial businesses worldwide by understanding project design goals such as energy cost and sustainability, providing dynamic building and system simulation, and, ultimately, offering unique Carrier solutions that meet or exceed customer design goals.”

“With the launch of the solutions center, Carrier has responded to the challenge of a global market focused on lower costs and environmentally sound energy sources by leveraging its team of experts to better understand customers’ needs and offer innovative system solutions,” said Ray Moncini, Carrier’s senior vice president of operations.

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Publication date:10/04/2010