The ComfortPLENUM, CPH21 and CPV21, from Comfort Products Inc. is a 21-by 21-inch sheet metal plenum lined with 2-inch duct liner for insulation. It mounts to residential evaporator coil cabinets or air handlers. This plenum is between 3 and 5 feet long. Rectangular dampers have been designed to attach to the inside wall of the plenum. The plenum can operate as few as two zones or as many as nine zones. On the outside of the plenum, a large decal called a cutting guide shows the contractor where he should cut a hole for his duct take-off. The cutting guide on the outside corresponds to the damper on the inside of the plenum. When the hole is cut through the cutting guide, then duct take-off is mounted. Air will pass from the inside of the plenum, through the damper and into the attached ductwork. The contractor normally cuts a round hole from 6 to 16 inches through the cutting guide, removes the sheet metal, and cuts and removes the insulation on the inside of the hole. The damper will be exposed through the hole.

Comfort Products Inc.

SILVER: ClimateTalk Zoning CT3000

EWC Controls’ ClimateTalk Zoning CT3000 is a hybrid zone panel designed for the new emerging communicating equipment protocol with two- or three-zone capability. “With the ClimateTalk communicating protocol designed into the zone panel, the system is truly plug-and-play,” said the company. With a simple four-wire connection, the CT3000 will allow for true proportional fan control and staging capacity of the equipment. The equipment can be four stages, three stages, two stages, or a single stage with ECM fan systems, heat pumps, electric air handlers, or fossil-fuel furnaces with air conditioning. The CT3000 has the ability to eliminate the need for a bypass damper on some systems due to the staging control and proportional fan control. The four-wire connection and auto-configure to any HVAC communicating equipment features reduce installation time and errors.

EWC Controls

BRONZE: Wireless Comfort WCZ-600 Zone Panel

The Wireless Comfort WCZ-600 zone panel from Jackson Systems LLC is a six-zone, two-position forced-air zone control panel. It offers universal control for single-stage, multistage, heat pump, and dual-fuel systems (up to four heat/two cool). The zone panel allows users to maintain different temperature set points in up to six separate zones throughout the home or office while utilizing a single HVAC unit. The WCZ-600™ features wireless communications between the panel, thermostats, and dampers. The dampers require no tubing or wiring from the panel. The thermostats can also be placed without the need to run wires to them. This eliminates the cost and labor time of running wire between the panel and the thermostats, and between the panel and the dampers. The wireless communication also makes thermostat placement easier because no wiring needs to be run and the location can be basically anywhere it is appropriate within the space. The PDM (Programming Display Module) walks the contractor through a series of questions that assists in setting up the panel properly for the project.

Jackson Systems LLC