Daikin’s VRV III (designated REYQ__P) Heat Recovery System provides an excellent solution for applications with zoning challenges and an efficient alternative to a chilled water system. Today’s office buildings are subject to a varying heat load due to the use of lighting and other office equipment. In these buildings, some rooms may require artificial cooling even in winter depending on the amount of solar gain and occupancy in the room. Daikin’s VRV III Heat Recovery System enables the simultaneous operation of cooling and heating by adding a discharge gas pipe and a Branch Selector (BS) unit that switches between cooling and heating. The heat recovery function is achieved by utilizing heat energy from zones in cooling mode to areas requiring heating. It offers the flexibility to design and install a system that will perform under any circumstances. And the system keeps running costs at a minimum by controlling each zone individually and shutting down completely in areas when required. Additional features include fan coil units that utilize a dedicated electronic expansion valve for superior room temperature control and the Inverter “Variable Speed” Daikin compressor. Fully optimized to operate with R-410A refrigerant, the system’s technology enables the output of the outdoor unit to be modulated by the cooling or heating demand of the zones it controls. Individual zones can be provided for up to 41 zones on a single piping network.

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