During this election season, which thankfully comes to a close this week, we have been inundated with polls.

And, of course, Senator Obama’s staff cites polls in which he is ahead by double digits while Senator McCain’s folks cite polls where the contest is in a dead heat.

On Tuesday night, we will find out who is right.

As the old saying goes, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.” Of course, I am 100 percent certain that I will be ecstatic once I have heard the last of these polls.

However, a Zogby Poll that recently crossed my desk did peak my interest. It was a survey of working Americans describing their workplace. One out of every four workers described their workplace as a dictatorship and just 34 percent believed bosses in the American workplace react well to valid criticism.

Now obviously the word “valid” can be subjective. A former employee with our company was greatly distraught there was no Mountain Dew in the break room and felt we should have Pepsi vending machines instead of Coke machines. He thought this was a valid complaint. Management and the rest of the civilized world would tell him to “move on.”

But back to the survey. Only 46 percent of those surveyed said their workplace promotes creativity, while only 51 percent said their co-workers often feel motivated at work.

If this survey was done at your office, do you think the numbers would be the same? What can you do to improve those percentages?